Group Fitness

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Looking to get started with group fitness training? Live4Fitness is here to help!

Group fitness training is a great way to improve health and fitness and meet like-minded individuals. The supportive atmosphere of our group fitness sessions mean you’ll be encouraged to push yourself and achieve your goals.

Our group fitness classes take place outdoors. The fresh air invigorates and you’ll come out of each workout energized and feeling great about doing something positive for your body.

All equipment is provided when you sign up for group fitness. You simply need to show up, be prepared to work hard and watch your results!

One of the greatest benefits of joining Live4Fitness group classes is the fact that we strive to make each workout entirely unique from the last. Each day you show up, you’ll be faced with new fitness challenges that will have your body growing stronger and your confidence build as you conquer new techniques.

We integrate both strength and cardiovascular exercise in our classes. This results in accelerated fat burn and growth of lean muscle. In short, your body composition changes and your ability to burn calories improves!

The classes are led by fully certified trainers specialized in group fitness instruction who will make sure that your group fitness class is a fun and friendly place to be.

Regardless of your skill level, you will be warmly welcomed to our classes.