Catching a Punch

The Art of Catching a Punch

If you’ve been to boxing classes before, you’ll know the ability of the pad holder can make or break a good session. The holding of focus pads and catching of punches can be considered an art within itself and requires just as much practice as punching to develop timing, fluidity, comfort and safety. Ensuring safety through correct technique is as important to the pad holder as it is to the boxer.

Three important points to consider when you’re holding the pads next time:
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Throwing a punch

Throwing a Punch – From Powder Puff to Power!

Have you ever lined up opposite someone relatively small or slight in a boxing class and been surprised by how much power they have in their punches? Where does this power come from and how can we all learn to punch above our weight-class?
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Program Considerations For the Surfer

When many of my surfing students find out I am a Personal Trainer I am quite often asked how they can improve their physical capabilities in order to allow them to continue to progress efficiently.

My answer if often very simple – Spend more time surfing! To improve their abilities a runner will run, a swimmer will swim and so a surfer must surf. However there are always other training modalities that can aid in the progression of a particular skill.

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