Andy’s 12 Week Challenge

Andy is a long-time client and friend of the Live4Fitness family. He has always acknowledged the benefits fitness has upon his mind and body and participated in training programs to a moderate degree. Just like all of us though, he is busy. He gets distracted, tempted, or tired. I remember using the phrase ‘it’s not an option’ during one of our conversations and it became a little motto for this journey. Nothing new there, but for the way we applied it.

I find one of the biggest hurdles to overcome during any kind of training and nutrition regime is your internal monologue. It’s so easy to have a discussion in your head and come to an agreement with yourself that allows you to step outside of self-imposed and goal-oriented boundaries with very little guilty kick-back. As Bobby Boucher’s mama in The Waterboy would say, ‘justification is the devil’! How hard is it to steer that conversation the correct way? Almost impossible at times. Our solution was to not have the conversation at all. And that is where our motto came in. As soon as the initial thought entered your mind, the continuing of that internal monologue was ‘not an option’. Shift focus and stay on track.

Andy has been kind enough to document his 12 Week PT and Nutrition journey, so please read on to see just how far he has come.

And to Andy I’d like to say well done mate! I truly enjoyed helping you achieve and I look forward to the next step, and the one after that, and the one after that. Lots of little steps equal a long journey conquered!

– Matt Bushell

I started my 12 week fitness and nutrition challenge back in February 2012, and found it to be both rewarding and fulfilling. I had been talking about this program with my personal trainer for some time, and decided to take the plunge in the new year.

Before I started the challenge I was eating take away several times a week, and whilst the meals I did eat at home were not necessarily unhealthy, they were not portion controlled and I found myself eating much more than I needed. Additionally, I was drinking up to 5 cups of coffee per day! Exercise was a regular part of my weekly routine, however it was nowhere near the volume I needed to sustain a healthy weight and level of fitness. Here’s the proof in the pudding:

My god was I really that fat?! When I started this program with Matt at Live4Fitness and nutrition guru Wendy Beattie, I weighed nearly 89 kilograms which was well over my healthy weight range. As you can see I had some work ahead of me, and when I see this picture now I remember thinking that my weight was normal at the time. Now that I have seen the end results, I know that this clearly wasn’t the case.

Wendy designed a 7 day eating plan for me to follow which I have stuck to with almost military precision, and I was pleasantly surprised at how flexible this eating plan is. I had to make a few sacrifices (like minimising my caffeine intake from 5 coffees a day to just 1, and controlling my meal portion sizes), however once I got into the swing it, the program was a lot easier than I thought. After week two, everything just became habit and a normal part of my routine.

Matt provided 2 X 1 hour training sessions per week. His workouts are always planned so as to get the best out of your body, in conjunction with the eating plan provided by Wendy. I also took the initiative of walking twice a week for 6 – 8 kilometers (about 1 hour), and attending a 1 hour Saturday morning boxing fitness circuit at my local gym. Every little bit counts.

So with diet and exercise sorted for the 12 weeks, I concentrated on making the best of this opportunity. As Wendy and Matt had the diet and eating plan sorted for me, all I really had to worry about was my mind-set. This was relatively easy for me and I just kept turning up to training and following the eating plan. I didn’t have any slip ups dietary wise, and Wendy and Matt made sure to keep my spirits up for the whole program.

After the end of the first two weeks, I didn’t really notice a big difference on the scales, but I did notice a huge improvement in my energy levels and mood first thing in the mornings. Getting out of bed was much easier and I wasn’t as tired and gluggy. I also noticed an improvement in my concentration levels during the day as well.

Weeks 3 and 4 I started to notice the weight dropping off on the scales, and this provided a much needed boost to my confidence and determination. It was at the end of week 4 that I met up with Wendy again to make sure I was on track with the eating plan. She offered various dietary options so that I wouldn’t get bored with what I was eating and fall into old habits.Over the next 4 weeks, I noticed a big improvement on the scales with the kilos seemingly falling off. I was also building up in the muscle department from the weights Matt had me lifting each week which vastly improved my body profile, particularly the upper body. With another review of the eating plan at the end of week eight, Wendy helped me to make any required adjustments.

The last 4 weeks was all about consistency as the kilo’s just kept falling off. I met with Wendy at the end of week 12 to go over the eating plan once more, and she offered lots of valuable advice for the future so I needn’t worry about falling off the wagon. The final weigh in was impressive, and although I didn’t quite hit my goal weight of 77 kilos, I was only 1 or 2 kilos off the mark. Since then I have shed the remaining kilos within a matter of weeks.

Over all, I found Matt and Wendy to be very realistic in achieving my weight loss and fitness goals, and neither are interested in quick fix weight loss fads or diets. The whole program was delivered sensibly and professionally, with thought to your individual circumstances and fitness level. I would recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about making a positive health change, as you most certainly won’t be disappointed!




Andy’s weight dropped from 88.6kg to 79.7 kg. An 8.9 kg loss! His waist measurement went down by 8.5 cm and he lost 4.9 cm from his hips!

Since these photos and measurements, Andy has successfully dropped a further 2.7 kg to reach his goal weight of 77kg. Well done Andy!!



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