“Live4Fitness focuses on consistently challenging, interesting and effective workouts!”

Live4Fitness offers Mobile and Private Studio Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training and Fitness classes in both Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions.

Here at Live4Fitness we believe you should enjoy, learn to enjoy, or at the very least, enjoy the challenge exercise presents to you in achieving your goals! We like our training to improve quality of life by delivering it in a relaxed and down to earth training manner.

We can focus on general fun and fitness with a variety of exercises. Or we can prepare and run focused programs designed to improve specific sporting or fitness attributes.

Our private studios are located in Kallangur on the Northside of Brisbane and at Mountain Creek on the Sunshine Coast. Outdoor PT sessions, mobile sessions and group sessions are offered from North of Brisbane city to the Sunshine Coast.

All Live4Fitness trainers are fully qualified and registered ensuring industry knowledge is continually renewed and refreshed.

 “What you have and have not achieved in the past, in no way limits what you can achieve in the future.”


When Matt asked me if I would mind writing this review, he said that I needn’t provide too much detail and that one or two sentences would suffice, but to be honest I don’t think one or two sentences will do him and the service he provides justice. I have therefore taken the time to provide a more detailed account of his excellent service, because he has taken the time to help me achieve my goals which have been positively life changing.

I have been training with Matt on a weekly basis for over 2 years, and understand that I was one of his first ‘Live4Fitness’ clients. Not only is Matt a consummate professional, but I now also consider him one of my personal friends.

Matt is one of those types that just gets along with everybody, and demonstrates a respect not often seen in a person of his age. He knows how to get the absolute best out of people whilst being receptive to existing injuries or afflictions, and seems to have a never ending wealth of knowledge on all things to do with health and nutrition. It never ceases to amaze me each time he refers to a body part I have never heard of, yet alone be able to pronounce!

If you are committed to making a positive change in your life, and don’t mind a bit of hard work, then Matt is your man. I am positive that you will find each session challenging and revitalising, because each week Matt introduces something completely new to the mix. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of exercises and circuit work that will keep you motivated, exhilarated and above all else….super fit!

Andrew Meredith

I have been training with Matt Bushell for approximately a year now.In this time my fitness has improved dramatically. My 2 goals when I started were to get rid of cellulite and lose weight. With the assistance of Matt, I now have no visible cellulite and lost approximately 18 kilograms and I am still losing weight.

Matt has also helped me work out an exercise program to improve my asthma. Prior to starting this program I was having severe asthma attacks. I am now only using my inhaler when exercising, this is a massive improvement.

I really enjoy my work-out sessions with Matt and would recommend him to anyone.

I’ve come to know Matt and Live4fitness, through my BFF – Mel. Though I’ve known Matt for a couple of years, I’ve never taken the opportunity to have a training session with him (until the 30th June 2012), thinking that all personal trainers are the same and what would I learn from Matt, that I didn’t already know? Well I can tell you and I am happy to admit, I was 100% wrong!!Matt has known about my being into fitness and sport since we first met, so he took our first session to be one where he would provide advice and correction on technique, quoting latest research and proven methods (which for me being involved with research, is very important). His guidance was astounding! He made changes to body mechanics that instantly made sense and felt as if I had entered the gym room for the first time, the workout felt incredible and I felt I had truly achieved something.

Though I currently live interstate, I will certainly be seeing Matt again in 4 weeks time. Thanks Matt, looking forward to seeing the changes.

Justyn Cleary

Live4Fitness is a fantastic group to train with. I get along great with my PT, there is loads of variety in the classes and they’re all round heaps of fun. The trainers are exciting, enthusiastic, professional and incredibly supportive. I’ve learnt a lot and after only 3 months am already seeing amazing results! Signing on with these guys was THE best decision I ever made.

Professional, effective and fun.
Excellent trainers that work you hard but there is still fun to be had. Seeing great improvement in my fitness since starting to train with Matt.